The reale hen
€ 30.000

In this chicken coop there is a misunderstanding which is specifically wanted by the hen: it is called that because everyone likes kings and queens, so we are attracted to this structure, also thanks to the bright color that symbolizes warmth and joy of life. But if you make the mistake of approaching this chicken coop, the hen who lives there will force you to listen to a rally. She'll tell us that we are hypocrites and explain that the "Reale" does not mean nobility (royal), but "Oronzo Reale", the former Jutice Minister who in 1975 enacted a law – which bears his name – that tightened the penalties for terrorists during the period of social turmoil known as "gli anni di piombo" (years of lead). "You are prisoners of power - the Reale hen shouts at us - you are attracted to bourgeois words and colors and forget the class struggle: join me!"