Simeone Crispino and Stella Scala, better known as Vedovamazzei, live and work in Milan. Complex and highly prolific artists, they cannot be categorized into a specific theme, formal style, or a single working method. Their corpus of over 900 works attests to continuous, sometimes extraordinary, but also daily work, born from the never-resting dialogue between their two minds. The images they produce, from sketches on paper to giant installations that have traveled the world, have the power to imprint themselves deeply in the minds of viewers.
By shunning both purity of form and content and the pure burst of intelligence, Vedovamazzei use irony in a visceral way, presenting their bodily reflections, exposing all the excessiveness that distinguishes them, tackling universal themes without stepping back.

New Egg

On the occasion of Artissima, the most international Italian art fair, OFF Giannoni & Santoni presents the most domestic project possible: a series of dazzling and quirky hen coops envisioned by Vedovamazzei and developed in collaboration with the world's most “philosophical” egg producer, Paolo Parisi.
There are twenty of them, and each one is a unique, handmade and unrepeatable piece of art. The hallmark of our chicken coops is the same as Vedovamazzei's: irony. But it's a cultured, sophisticated irony, not just for the sake of it (sometimes, even melancholic). Each work sends significant messages from its very form, designed by Vedovamazzei to resemble a modern appliance, suggesting that, just like a fridge or a dishwasher, each of us should have a hen coop at home, whether on the terrace or in the backyard, in order to have fresh eggs every morning. In a world where intensive farming is rampant, we wanted to create the ideal living environment for hens, a sort of luxury villa.
The key feature of a good hen coop is to let the hens feel secure, which is why they are all closable: this extraordinary and complex animal needs to be indoors at night to feel protected, just like us.
So, enjoy yourself; you can decide whether to walk among the hens or choose to observe them from the outside, but is important to do it with respect and without disturbing them. And don't ask yourself what they are because it can't be said whether they are hen coops becoming pieces of art or pieces of art becoming hen coops. It's like asking: which came first, the chicken or the egg?